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Mobility Panel for the Netherlands


Mobility Panel for the Netherlands (MPN)


KiM/Goudappel Coffeng/UT




Prof. dr. ing K.T. (Karst) Geurs

Dr. L.C. La Paix Puello


The Mobility Panel for the Netherlands (in Dutch: MobiliteitsPanel Nederland (MPN)) aims to map changes in travel behaviour of a specific group of people and households over an extended period of time. The MPN can therefore identify the relationship between changes in travel behaviour, personal and household characteristics, and other mobility-influencing factors. The MPN is the largest ongoing mobility panel in the world. It comprises a yearly three-day trip diary among 2,000 Dutch households (4,500 persons from the age of 12). The MPN collects information on activity patterns and travel behaviour over time, as well as information on interactions between household members, life-events, preferences towards travel modes, and various other personal and household characteristics.

The MPN is an initiative of the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, Goudappel Coffeng, and the Center for Transport Studies at the University of Twente. TNS NIPO conducts the field work.

With the MPN, researchers can answer for example the following research questions:

  • How do changes in people’s lives, such as changing jobs, births of children or divorce, influence travel behaviour?
  • How do changes in purchasing behaviour and ownership and use of cars, bicycles and public transport develop over time?
  • How does people’s preferences in terms of transport modes, homes and lifestyle influence travel behaviour?
  • How do changes in spatial environment, such as new train stations, bicycle stalls or parking regulations, influence travel behaviour?
  • The focus remains on those changes in the lives of individuals and households that have consequences for their travel behaviour.


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