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The Grand Cooperative Driving Challence (GCDC)



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International teams competing to deliver the most effective cooperative vehicle-infrastructure system in predetermined traffic scenarios: that is the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC). An international and unique challenge in the field of cooperative driving. The GCDC aims to accelerate the implementation of these systems and contribute significantly to alleviate traffic problems worldwide.

Together with Fontys Hogescholen and the chair for Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS) here at the University of Twente, we are one of the teams: Team FUTURUM.

Our aim is to develop a platform on which automated driving is possible in a wide variety of situations. By using a modular approach, we are able to challenge the other GCDC competitors from the first contest on, while the system is the basis for future developments.

The GCDC is initiated by TNO and HTAS. The first contest will be held in March 2011 on the A270, between Eindhoven and Helmond.