When you have decided you want to do part of your studies abroad, the question is; how do I organize this? Below you can find a schedule and timeline.

1. Find out when and where you want to do part of your studies abroad: where can you go?
2. To apply for an exchange-period, first you have to register your top-three study. This you do by fill out the study abroad form. You can enter both EU as well as non-EU destinations in your top-3. Take care of deadlines relevant for your destinations.

Deadlines for completing this registration form:



Deadline registration form

Spring semester

Outside EU

1st September

Spring semester


1st October

Fall semester


1st January

3. Shortly after the above mentioned deadlines, the contact person of your study programme will contact you to let you know what the possibilities are to apply for one of the universities in your top-3.
4. Once you have received approval of your chosen study destination, register your intended stay-abroad in SMS, the Student Mobility System.
5. Upon acceptance for a period abroad, the UT offers a free travel insurance, but you need to register separately for this.
6. Go to the foreign partners website, and decide which courses you would like to take. Submit your courselist to the study abroad coordinator of your programme.
7. Register as an exchange student with the foreign partner


NOTE for ME and SET students: the deadlines given above do NOT apply for internships in companies worldwide or universities within Europe! For those internships you can register any time you want.

More information regarding the internship procedure within the ME and SET programmes can be found in the Internship Blackboard site. You cannot register within Blackboard itself for this site, only through registration in SMS. Please read the internship introductory page:



For other programmes no formal internship websites exists; please contact your mobility contact person.

Of course, there are a lot of things you need to organize, next to your actual stay abroad