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Why Study Abroad

Several abstract reasons may be given why you should study abroad. You should study abroad because…

  • it allows you to gain experiences that can only be obtained through full submersion in another culture.
  • it enhances your personal development.
  • the intercultural experience helps to get to know yourself and your culture better.
  • you will improve your capability to adapt to new situations.
  • the interaction with people from different cultures enhances your social coping skills.

Having mentioned all these reasons, there is one more reason, and often the best reason, for going abroad for a while: It is a great and unforgettable experience! Generally, students have a great time abroad. A semester abroad may provide friendships that last a lifetime.

If you’re thinking or doubting about the effects of spending some time abroad on your career prospects, then read this report “Effects of mobility on the skills and employability of students and the internationalisation of higher education institutions”.

From the University, we recognize and appreciate all the reasons for studying abroad, and therefore we hope that all students take this chance to experience life outside their home country for a while. So: Let’s GO!