InterNship procedure

All specialisations of the MSc Programme Mechanical Engineering (ME) include an obligatory internship, also called work placement or just placement. The time period of the internship is situated in between the course work and the master’s assignment, which means that you will most likely do your internship at the beginning of the second year of your master’s programme (note that you have to have finished at least 2/3 of your subjects!). Although you are supposed to find a suitable employer for this internship yourself, the Student Mobility Centre (SMC) of the Faculty of Engineering Technology can support you in your quest.

One of the objectives of the MSc Programme ME is to enable students to gain experience with foreign cultures, for instance by carrying out an internship abroad. Therefore you are encouraged to search for and to find a placement abroad. We advise you to take enough time to search and organise an internship; for an internship in the Netherlands half a year should be enough, but for an internship abroad a whole year might be necessary.

Mobility Online / SMS

At some point after you started searching you are obliged to register at the SMC, but the sooner the better. You can register by filling in the appropriate form in Mobility Online; in this way we know that you are looking for an internship, but more importantly you will get access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’ (19119915; for students Mechanical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Technology). Mobility Online offers a workflow of the administrative process, which means that at all times you can learn about the status of the process. Obviously it is still your own responsibility to execute your own workflow steps at the right time. 

Note for students who have registered in the Student Mobility System (SMS) and have started their internship before the 1st of October:
within two weeks after you started with your internship you are obliged to fill in a so-called ‘Notification’ form (‘Melding’) in SMS.


As mentioned above, access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’ is only granted after registering at the SMC. This site provides you with lots of information regarding the internship, such as hints and tips for searching, items you should take care of during preparation, execution and finalising of the internship, links to the relevant parts of the Manual External Training of the University of Twente, and lots of examples of accomplished internships. When the SMC receives descriptions of internship vacancies, they will be placed on the Blackboard site. Most of the vacancies are in the Netherlands, but some are abroad.
Note that the process-description of the internship is publicly accessible.

How to start

  • register at the SMC via the aforementioned Mobility Online; you will (semi-automatically) get access to the Blackboard site ‘Internship’.
  • have a chat with the internship coordinator during one of the consultation hours to talk about the (im)possibilities regarding the internship and/or to go through the internship database to get company names, ideas and/or suggestions for possible interesting places.

And check out the flow chart of the internship procedure, given below. Do note that this is the first concept; some steps need to be added, in particular those regarding the scholarship procedure.
NB: the server where the flowchart is stored is sometimes unavailable. In the Blackboard site you can find a pdf version of the chart.