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First Graduate of UT MSc Robotics

We are proud to announce that Tjeerd Bakker is the first graduate of the MSc Robotics at the University of Twente! Tjeerd received his diploma from Dr. Tom Vaneker, chairperson of the assessment committee. The committee also included Prof. Ian Gibson, Dr. Ali Sadeghi, and Thijs Tromper, MSc (Bond 3D).

During his studies, Tjeerd developed an innovative path-planning method for 3D printing, which directs the printing head to enable voidless filling of complex shapes.

Jan Broenink, the MSc Robotics programme director, presented Tjeerd with a gift: 'cutie', the mascot of our MSc Robotics programme. 'Cutie' was designed by Marjon Kuipers and photographed by our programme coordinator, Heidi Muijzer - Witteveen.