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Dennis van de Water

TRIAS project funded by NWO

Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) call “Mobility in a sustainable future”

Integrating digital, spatial and physical mobility in healthcare organisations

Can we reduce the need to travel to reduce CO2 emissions from transport? Mobility concerns are typically not included in the decision-making processes of many mobility-generating sectors, including the health sector. The digitalisation of the healthcare sector provides opportunities to deliver more local and digital healthcare, thus reducing the need to travel. However, there are several challenges related to the healthcare organisation, and integrated frameworks and organisational arrangements are currently lacking.  

Karst Geurs

Can we reduce travel by providing digital healthcare and healthcare closer to home? And what are the implications for the organisation of healthcare?

Karst Geurs

The 4-year Triple Access System Planning (TRIAS) project will examine strategies to deliver more local and digital healthcare, aiming to improve the healthcare organisation, accessibility, and quality of healthcare. To do so, we (1) develop, co-create and test new frameworks and tools to optimise healthcare accessibility and efficiency, (2) develop new business cases, financial and organisational arrangements, and (3) develop training and education for the healthcare practice.

TRIAS is one of two research projects funded by NWO under the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) call ‘Mobility in a sustainable future’. The main applicant is prof.dr.ing. Karst Geurs (UT, ET). Co-applicants are dr. Anna Grigolon (UT, ET), prof.dr.ir. Erwin Hans (UT, BMS) and dr.ir. Monique Tabak (UT, EEMCS), prof.dr.ir. Vincent Marchau (Radboud University), dr. Sander Lenferink (Radboud University) and dr. Marjolein den Ouden (Saxion). TRIAS is co-funded by Thuiszorg West-Brabant, Isala, RadboudUMC, Gaiyo, Achmea, CZ, Goudappel and Gemeente Enschede. Collaborating partners include Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) and Careyn.

Contact: Prof. Karst Geurs, University of Twente


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