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Young autistic adults design their own technology

In the Design Your Life research project, researchers from the UT and the HAN University of Applied Sciences developed a method with which young autistic adults - possibly with help of their care provider-  can design their own assistive technologies, or tailor existing technologies to their needs. Developers of healthcare technology are increasingly involving users in the design process, so that the technology better matches the preferences and wishes of these users. This participatory design or 'co-design' appears to have a positive effect on the adoption of healthcare technology. This week is Autism Week and UT researcher Jelle van Dijk is organizing the symposium on April 4 with various partners: 'Design Your Life. 

Design Your Life is an innovative project, with the aim of enabling young autistic adults and their supervisors to design their own technological solutions. This way, young people gain more control over their own lives. 


The competition: AUTVENTOR 2024 was launched prior to the symposium. An initiative to give the exceptional innovative powers of autistic individuals the recognition they deserve. The competition was created for autistic people, diagnosed or self-identified. Solutions, inventions or life hacks will be examined tomorrow by a four-person jury and tomorrow the prize for best AUTVENTOR of 2024 will be awarded during the symposium “Design Your Life” in Nijmegen.

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