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New Open Science guide for early-career researchers

The Dutch consortium of University Libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands (UKB), together with the Universities of The Netherlands (UNL), the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data (DANS) and the Dutch Research Council (NWO), has published a practical guide on open science.

Open Science

Reliable science is not the sole work of superhuman geniuses, but a collaborative process. Researchers rely and build upon each other’s work. However, we can only build upon others’ work if we know exactly what our predecessors have done. Sound science ideally equals Open Science, in which all phases of the research cycle are as transparent and accessible as possible.

Why is this guide important?

Beginning researchers are an important link in the transition to Open Science, so this guide is aimed at PhD candidates, Research Master Students, and early-career researchers from all disciplines at Dutch universities and research institutes. It is designed to accompany researchers in every step of their research.

The text above has been extracted from the introductory description of the guide. Download and read the guide in full!

Share your impressions and questions

Contact the library staff to let us know what you think about the guide, also if you have questions or need support in a specific area. Together we make Open Science the norm at the University of Twente.