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How we invest in engineering?

The Sectorplan Techniek enables us to strengthen the fundaments of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. The faculty of Engineering Technology  (ET) in close collaboration with the faculty EEMCS, took the initiative to showcase the investments made in our sector, with a people-first look & feel. In this way, we contribute to our reputation as high tech university, with a human touch.

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About the Sectorplan Techniek
The Sectorplan Techniek (Sector Plan Engineering) is a program funded by the Dutch Government, running from 2019 to 2024. The goal is to strengthen the fundaments of engineering, more specifically the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering. After national attunement, each involved university defined focal points and a plan for new permanent assistant, adjunct and full professor positions. For UT this resulted in 13 new positions in Mechanical Engineering, 10 in Electrical Engineering and 7 in Civil Engineering. To increase diversity in the engineering sciences, more than 35% of the permanent positions are occupied by new female staff. UT matched the sector plan funding by an additional investment in PhD and Postdoc positions and research equipment.

Visualisation of the impact we make
In line with the Shaping 2030 philosophy, we created a plan to showcase the impact we make. A great example of what it means to be a people-first university of technology. On this website, you can view how we portraited the researchers and their research, but also the investments and equipment that was made available. This project is a nice way to empower researchers to be visible and portray the impact they make.