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Date: 30 September 2021 | Time: 15:45 – 17:30 hrs

Join us online via Zoom to participate in the discussion of some of today’s most thrilling materials science topics:

Presented by:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Gertjan Koster
Full Professor of Physics of Inorganic Nanomaterials, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Twente


Dr. Jahnabi Basumatary
Materials specialist, ASML Eindhoven

Emile van Loon
Technology Transfer Engineer, Bodycote Hardingscentrum B.V.

Dr. Ir. Vishwas Gadgil
Technologist, Materials and Nanotechnology, VDL ETG T&D Hengelo BV
Fellow at the Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Twente


Functionality of a material is its interaction with the environment and intended application. Mechanical properties are a function of the bulk of the material. In many cases the surface properties required are different from the required bulk properties. In such instances the surface has to be engineered to fulfill the required function.

This colloquium will address surface modification in general. Firstly, surface characterization techniques will be outlined. In addition, established surface treatment techniques will be explained and new developments will be presented.

ASML uses several specialized surface treatments in complex and demanding applications. Some of these are Nickel plating, Anodizing, Diamond line coatings, specialized coatings for optics, coatings for wafer tables, coatings for wafer clamps, inorganic black. Potential future requirements will be outlined. Problems yet to be solved will also be explained

Bodycoat is an established heat treatment and surface treatment group. Surface hardening processes offered by Bodycoat with underlying metallurgical principals will be explained, as well as practical execution of the processes. Examples of practical applications will be presented and precautions to be taken for successful surface treatments will be explained.

About the Colloquium Series:

The Materials Science & Engineering Colloquium Series provides a platform for all those who are interested in materials science, whether you are a student, researcher at MESA+, faculty member, or working in industry. During each session, a challenging case will be presented by an expert, for example from industry. All cases are based on a realistic problem where a solution was found by combining existing materials science knowledge and new insights through an experimental or materials system model approach.

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