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Fault friction: small scale, large consequences Tenure track researcher Tanmaya Mishra will start within the NWO programme DeepNL

Three talented researchers will soon start on a tenure track position within the NWO programme DeepNL. The awarded grants provide the researchers the chance on structural embedding within a Dutch research institute and developing their own line of research within the theme of DeepNL. From the University of Twente, ET researcher Dr. Tanmaya Mishra started.

Fault friction: small scale, large consequences

Earthquakes reflect the phenomenon of sudden slip when the frictional strength of faults in the Earth’s crust is overcome. This project aims to understand the physical processes controlling this sudden failure through numerical modelling and lab experiments at the microscale and applying the results to obtain large-scale models for earthquakes caused by gas extraction, geothermal energy production and subsurface storage. Gaining deeper knowledge of frictional mechanisms in faults at different length scales will help improve forecasting of earthquakes and other subsurface phenomena, caused by increasing human intervention.

Source: website NWO

μFAULT - scaling friction from micro-contacts to faults at the reservoir scale


     Dr. Tanmaya Mishra

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