Welcome to the Multi-Scale Mechanics group

The Multiscale Mechanics Group (MSM) of the University of Twente studies several topics of condensed matter physics, such as granular materials and powders, micro-fluidic systems and self-healing materials. In general, our research approach consists in developing models of complex materials that capture the physics at every relevant lengthscale.

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Mechanics And Structure Of Granular Assemblies


Computational Modeling Of Non-Newtonian Flows In Nano-Channels


Vibrated Granular Systems


Freely Cooling Systems

Latest news

MSc. thesis defence

June 30th, 2016, Luca Pecoriello will defend his MSc. thesis ... read more

MSc. thesis defence

June 30th, 2016, Giorgio Oliveri will defend his MSc. thesis ... read more

Congratulation to MSc. Giacomo Baccini

March 4th, 2016, Congratulations to Giacomo Baccini for successfully defending his MS thesis ... read more

Granular matter and particle technology course

We want to announce the new (extended) TNW+CTW course. It is mainly organized by the MESA+ groups POF (TNW) and MSM (CTW), and should be interesting for all students that work with Fluids and/or Solids, or have advanced interest in mechanics or physics. ... read more

Summer School: Hands-on physics

CuriousU summer school (11 - 18 August) offers a unique experience: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers. ... read more

Dr. Kuniyasu Saitoh's article has been published on the cover of Soft Matter journal

February 1st 2015: Dr. Kuniyasu Saitoh's "A Master equation for the probability distribution functions of forces in soft particle packings." has been selected for the cover of Soft Matter. ... read more