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Comenius grant for lecturers of Engineering Technology Grant from ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Richard Loendersloot and his co-applicant Alberto Martinetti, both assistant professor at the faculty of Engineering Technology, received a Comenius Fellowship Grant. This program from the ministry of Education, Culture and Science, in collaboration with KNAW, aims to support lecturers to develop their vision on education and implement new educational methods in practice. A total budget of €2.300.000, divided over four themes, is available to support 46 projects, out of the 145 applications. For the theme in which the applicants submitted their proposal (personalized education, category University), the success-rate was approximately 10% due to the large number of applications in this theme.

The project Loendersloot and Martinetti proposed, aims at personalization of education, using a blended and adaptive e-learning approach. Both educate a master course in the Maintenance Engineering and Operations track, a highly multi-disciplinary track. Students from different departments within the master Mechanical Engineering, from different study programs within and outside the faculty of Engineering Technology participate in these course. The objective is to offer all students an equally challenging course, without compromising the learning objectives of the courses, but respecting the variety in foreknowledge and interest.

The jury qualified the proposal as ‘very good’, as it expects the outcome of the project will “offer a promising perspective on the durability of the application after the project has been finished”. According to Loendersloot, it is an important recognition that our vision on education here at the University of Twente is strong.

The committee also wrote it “was impressed by a strong personal statement of the applicant. They see a passionate teacher who wants to develop him/herself in order to improve academic education”.

“Personally”, Loendersloot states, “I am also very happy and proud of this remark, as it reflects the way we work here. Education changes continuously, sometimes initiated by us, sometimes by others, but our ambition to deliver high quality education has always been a driving force guiding us through all these changes.”

Klaasjan Visscher, faculty of Behavourial Management and Social sciences (BMS) also had his proposal granted. His project, in the theme “Higher Education in Connection with Society”, aims at increase the level of interdisciplinary learning.

More information on the Comenius Teaching Fellows grant can be found at: and the news item