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PDEng Maintenance projects successfully completed Dimitrios Karampelas and Abderrahim Mouatamir defended their thesis

In the past weeks, two PDEng students in the Dynamics based Maintenance group received their certificate and the associated PDEng degree.

Dimitrios Karampelas presented the tool FAME-X (see photo), that he designed in the past two years. The tool provides maintainers decision support in selecting the failure mechanism that caused a system to fail. Accurate determination of the root cause of a failure is important, firstly as it helps to prevent the failure to occur again and secondly since precise registration in a maintenance management system largely improves reliability and maintenance engineering analyses. FAME-X supports unexperienced technicians to find the failure mechanism and register it properly. The complete thesis can be found here (

Abderrahim Mouatamir designed a decision support tool for the selection of a suitable condition monitoring technique. As the availability and applicability of sensors is increasing quickly, many companies want to transition to condition-based maintenance. The availability of large numbers of monitoring techniques, however, makes it quite difficult to select the most suitable technique for a certain situation. Mouatamir’s tool provides guidance in that process, by going along a list of criteria, and filtering the most suitable techniques. The complete thesis can be found here (within 2 weeks) (