Our group is offering a variety of research assignments for Capita Selecta and final BSc. and MSc. Projects. For more information contact Maarten Bonnema and Kostas Nizamis.

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    • Technology integration and system design of a robot for automated chewing gum removal

      Dropped chewing gum in public places is a nuisance and its removal a labor intensive and costly task. Within “small and organic litter, and other packaging”, chewing gum is #3 (with 15%); after cigarette buds (36%) and other paper (19%) and its environmental impact is significant and detrimental. Approaches to deal with the problem include prevention of chewing gum in public spaces (i.e. Singapore), or removing gum from the ground. Increasing environmental awareness creates the demand for a responsible way of cleaning and keeping public spaces clean. Technology – accompanied by human supervision – may provide a solution. The University of Twente, in cooperation with the Foundation “Nederland Schoon” and BekkerLaGram, has investigated in 2013 the application of superheated steam, with image recognition, and mechatronically actuated nozzles for spot cleaning of chewing gum. The main conclusion was that this combination is promising for the detection and cleaning of chewing gum spots.

      The topic of this assignment is the integration of the evolving design of a chewing gum removal robot. The task of the student will be to functionally model and develop the mechatronics parts of a chewing gum cleaning robot, lead integration with existing machinery, and develop the missing parts into a proof of concept prototype. On a fundamental level, the student will investigate the process of systems engineering and integration, resulting in a report on design principles for responsible multidisciplinary design.

      We look for a student with a broad competency in mechatronics. Knowledge of image recognition is a plus. The assignment is related to project CHEtGUM and it is supported by the industry in terms of content and funding.

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