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Systems Engineering & Multidisciplinary Design


We investigate designing in the field of multidisciplinary systems and research the role of Systems Engineering (SE) as an integrative discipline next to the traditional engineering fields. We apply systems thinking and system design tools, in a systematic way, to facilitate multidisciplinary development projects. Currently, we are performing research in amongst others Electric and Smart Mobility, Energy Transition, High-Tech systems, Rehabilitation, and Footwear. Additionally, we aim to broaden our scope of the investigation beyond the boundaries of the existing disciplines, in order to facilitate innovation and support the creation of successful systems.

The group is chaired by professor Maarten Bonnema and is part of the Department of Design, Production, and Management, Faculty of Engineering Technology, at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

About the chair of this group

G. Maarten Bonnema is a professor in the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente, Netherlands. He studied electronic engineering, completed a technical systems designer course, and was awarded a PhD in FunKey architecting by the University of Twente in 2008. Dr. Bonnema worked as a systems engineer at ASML and contributed to the TwinScan system design. He was involved in designing a wafer stepper at MAPPER Lithography. He focuses on supporting system designers and improving multidisciplinary communications to achieve better conceptual and mechatronic designs. His teaching experience spans design in general, industrial design engineering, and systems engineering, and he participates in student projects as a tutor. An overview of his publications is available here.