Our Construction Management & Engineering (CM&E) group is an international centre of excellence that develops new scientific insights and approaches while improving the performance of the construction industry. Our unique focus lies in innovative approaches for involving stakeholders within the complete value chain and integrating social and technical aspects in construction management (High Tech – Human Touch). We foster an engineering identity and favour a design science approach to our research. We have developed strong links with the industry, develop new methods and technologies and publish in Engineering journals as well as Management journals. Our corner-stone areas of expertise are:

  • Life Cycle Approaches for Infrastructure & Asset Management (including life cycle assessment, sustainability, circularity, climate adaptation),
  • Engineering design methodologies (including systems engineering, value management, design science),
  • ICT technologies (including BIM, sensors, automation & data management),
  • Inter organizational boundary spanning (including regulation, procurement, contracting, supply chain),
  • Risk & Project management (including risk management, project management, process management)

Specific effort and attention is given to integrating and creating cross-overs between the above.

 CM&E is the largest and most coherent construction management group in the Netherlands. Also, internationally, the group is unique for its size and coherence, and one of the strongest construction management research centres owing to the wide spectrum of construction management related topics offered. Few groups, even in the UK and the USA, combine such breadth of expertise in the internationally recognized academic staff. CM&E is nationally considered as the best academic construction management institution in the Netherlands and is recognized as one of the leading construction management departments worldwide.