UTFacultiesETDepartmentsCEMResearch groupsWater Engineering and ManagementResearchBeach-dune systems near inlets: linking subtidal and subaerial morphodynamics

Beach-dune systems near inlets: linking subtidal and subaerial morphodynamics


Persons involved
Galiforni Silva, F. (PhD candidate)
Prof.dr.ir. S.J.M.H. Hulscher (Promoter)
Wijnberg, K. M. (Supervisor)

Funding of the project
Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
Hoogheemraadschap Hollands NoorderKwartier (HHNK)

2014 – 2018

Natural processes of inlet systems, such as shoal attachment and channel migration, can influence the development of beach-dune systems near inlets. Erosional phases of coastline evolution due to these processes can affect the level of flood protection provided by beach-dune system as well as the available area for societal activities (such as recreation, drinking water extraction, nature conservation). In a companion project, the potential to artificially stimulate shoal attachment as a natural way of coastal protection is studied. The present project aims at predicting which scenarios of beach-dune system response can be expected to occur under various shoreline development conditions, considering both the natural and anthropogenic forcing, thus linking human interventions in channel-shoal systems to impacts in the adjacent beach-dune system in a convenient time-scale for stakeholders (years to decades).