Sand transport in the swash zone


PhD research


September 2018 till September 2022 

Persons involved:

MSc. Sara Dionísio António (PhD student)
Prof. dr. S.J.M.H. Hulscher (First promotor)
dr. ir. J.J van der Werf (Supervisor)
dr. ir. E. Horstman (Daily supervisor)


The project is funded by NWO and Deltares.

Summary of the research

Swash zone processes determine whether sand is stored on the upper beach or is transported offshore, and thus strongly affect shoreline evolution. Current knowledge of swash hydrodynamics and sediment transport is limited and current hydromorphological models have difficulty predicting swash zone morphology.

This PhD project focuses on the hydrodynamics and sand transport processes on the swash zone through series of laboratory experiments in a large-scale wave flume, and on developing a new practical model for sand transport in the swash zone. This research aims to improve the understanding of swash zone sand transport processes and on quantifying sediment fluxes for a variety of swash conditions. These experiments will shed new insights in detailed bedload and suspended sand transport processes in the swash, and also in net sand transport rates for a wide range of swash conditions.


Swash zone
Sediment transport
Large-scale wave flume