ReAShore: Resilient Anthropogenic Shores

PhD research

June 2020 - June 2024

Persons involved
Elham Bakhsianlamouki (PhD candidate)
Prof.dr. K.M. Wijnberg (Promoter)
Prof.dr. A.A. Voinov (Promoter)
Dr. M.F. Brugnach (External supervisor) P.W.M. Augustijn (Daily supervisor)

Funding of the project

Summary of the research
This PhD research focuses on investigating the human activities related to use and management on anthropogenic sandy shores (ASSH) and the interaction between human activities and the biophysical system (morphology and vegetation). The ASSH is a type of coastal landscape developed by mega nourishment technique where a large amount of offshore dredged sand is deposited near the shore to extend the beach seaward over a considerable distance. Over time, currents move sand alongshore, widening adjacent beaches temporarily, while wind transports beach sand onshore building new dunes or modifying pre-existing ones. In this PhD research, firstly the human activities’ pattern, regarding the use and management of ASSH will be assessed. The knowledge about human activities will be elicited through surveys, interviews, and workshops with stakeholders from management sector (e.g. Rijkswaterstaat, provincial government, water board, and municipalities), entrepreneurs, and beach users.  Secondly, this elicited knowledge will be used to simulate the human activities and the interaction between social and biophysical systems. Finally, the developed socio-biophysical model (models) will be used to analyse the impact of human activities on ASSH different functions. The outcomes of this analysis will be used to develop management strategies, and policy recommendations through stakeholder participation.

Anthropogenic Sandy Shores, Human Activities, Socio-biophysical Modelling, Participatory Modelling Approach

More information
Elham Bakhsianlamouki 
Room Horst W214
Tel. +31 53 489 1301