Quick Scan Traffic Modeling

Improving (Quick Scan) Traffic Models: BAG in Trip Generation  

Trip generation is an essential part of traffic models predicting traffic flows. Open data, in particular BAG ('Basisadministratie Adressen en Gebouwen), can be used to improve trip production estimates on the residential side and trip attraction estimates on the (job) activity side. In particular it could solve the issue of inaccurate CBS numbers for new residential areas, and the problem of low resolution job numbers in 'open'  data. How can BAG data be used instead of or in combination with traditional data sources to (1) resolve the aforementioned issues, and (2) improve trip generation estimates using trip generation coefficients from the literature?  Applied to quarters ('buurten') in the municipality of Ede, how will the new estimates differ from the old estimates, and what could be the consequences for traffic model predictions on important road segments?  

For more information you can contact Tom Thomas: t.thomas@utwente.nl .