Netmobil – A mobility as a service for rural areas

Several rural communities in the Netherlands face accessibility and livability problems. Schools, shops and public services close or relocate to larger cities and public transport services are infrequent and inefficient and face budget cuts. The project NETMOBIL addresses these accessibility issues by developing a technology driven demand responsive mobility platform (a Mobility as a Service) for the Achterhoek region in the Province of Gelderland. It combines different transport modes (including ride sharing) to offer a tailored mobility package and includes trip planning, reservation, and payments, through a single interface. NETMOBIL will examine the organizational, technical and transport issues to develop, test and implement mobility service. 

The Center for Transport Studies is one of the partners of the NETMOBIL project and focuses on estimating the potential for the mobility service, the monitoring and evaluation of the service. NETMOBIL is a NWO funded project (within the RAAK Pro program)  and led by Saxion University of Applied Science

UT contact: prof. dr. Karst Geurs

Project period: 01/11/2017 - 31/08/2021


Geurs, K. T., Gkiotsalitis, K., Fioreze, T., Visser, G., & Veenstra, M. (2018). The potential of a Mobility-as-a-Service platform in a depopulation area in The Netherlands: an exploration of small and big data. In R. S. Franklin, E. S. v. Leeuwen, & A. Paez (Eds.), Population Loss- The role of Transportation and Other Issues (pp. 57-79). Cambridge/Oxford/London: Academic Press.