Mobile City Innovation program - Innovatieprogramma Mobiele Stad (IMS)

The Mobile City Innovation Program (IMS) carries out practical experiments aimed at developing and testing innovations for the integration of mobility, technology and spatial developments of cities and urban regions. The three-year innovation program has four objectives:

1.       Initiating and (helping) carry out pilots and experiments

2.       Reflect on and evaluate current initiatives / experiments

3.       Exchange practical experience and knowledge between provinces and the national government

4.       Increasing substantive and process-based knowledge and skills 

IMS will organize 10-15 practical experiments in five Dutch provinces between 2017-2020 with directly involved public, private and private  stakeholders. The experiments cover focus on smart mobility (such as Mobility as a Service), local and regional governance issues (e.g. regional housing programs), financial instruments and place making of public transport nodes. The practice-oriented combination of experiments and knowledge building contributes to a better integration of mobility and city, at different scales within the urban regions. IMS is carried out on behalf of the Province of Gelderland, the Province of South Holland, the Province of Utrecht, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the province of Noord-Holland, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Transumo Footprint.

IMS is led by

·         Prof. dr. Karst Geurs (University of Twente) : programme coordination and coordination of smart mobility experiments

·         Prof. dr. Luca Bertolini (University of Amsterdam) ; coordinator of the overarching learning and evaluation theme

·         Prof. dr Erwin van der Krabben (Radboud University Nijmegen); coordinator of governance and financing instruments experiments

·         Dr. David Hamers (Design Academy Eindhoven): coordinator of urban design experiments

·         Drs. Edwin van Uum (Bureau Het Noordzuiden): programme coordination and coordinator of governance experiments

For further information see (in Dutch)

UT contact: Prof dr. Karst Geurs

Period: September 2017 / June 2020