prof. dr. ir. Eric van Berkum

dr. Tom Thomas

dr.ir. Tiago Fioreze (postdoc)

ir. Bingyuan (Amelia) Huang (PhD-student)


The main objective of EMPOWER is to substantially reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV) in cities by influencing the mobility behaviour of CFV drivers and users towards fundamental change. To achieve this objective EMPOWER will create a set of tools for industry, policy makers and employers. These will empower them beyond the lifespan of this project to understand, help choose and successfully implement ‘positive’ evidence- based and cost-effective policy interventions, based on new and innovative mobility services, and in the context of already existing infrastructure, policy and measures. EMPOWER will reduce the use of CFV by shifting trips to other modes/other vehicle types, promoting sharing and self-organisation and reducing demand overall e.g. through remote access to services. Undesirable impacts from CFV use will be reduced by shifting CFV use to outside peak times and diversions to avoid particular areas/routes. The research is multidisciplinary and involves 12 international partners from academics, business and local governments. EMPOWER concepts are developed and tested in 4 living lab experiments and are validated by 7 City demonstrators. This will lay a strong foundation for EMPOWER to be used in practice by City stakeholders in the future.

More information can be found at: http://empowerproject.eu/