The local and regional dimensions in indonesias social and economic development


The local and regional dimensions in Indonesia’s social and economic development.






Prof. dr. ing. K.T. (Karst) Geurs

Daily supervisor:

Dr. L. (Lissy) La Paix

PhD student:

I Gusti Ayu Andani (Andani)


The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) awarded a research project The local and regional dimensions in Indonesia’s social and economic development from the Free University Amsterdam (Dept. of Spatial Economics), the University of Twente (Centre for Transport Studies), University of Indonesia and the Bandung Institute of Technology within the Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands (SPIN). This programme supports long-term collaboration between researchers and research consortiums in Indonesia and the Netherlands. The aim of this SPIN project is to contribute to our understanding of the complex interrelationships between governance and economic and regional development. The project comprises three PhD projects, two at VU University Amsterdam and one at the UT Centre for Transport Studies. The UT project focuses on the Jakarta-Bandung mega urban region (JBMUR) where rapid urbanization and major transport development have taken place. The Jakarta-Bandung urban belt corridor is one of the most crowded corridors in Java and is physically being integrated. This research will be focused on the evaluation of the accessibility and spatial impacts of the Cipularang toll road built between Jakarta and Bandung.


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