PDF Past PhD and EngD projects


Oskar Eikenbroek - Variations in Urban Traffic


Zakir Farahmand (EngD) - Data-Driven Decision Support System (DSS) for Bus Services


Erwin Bezembinder - Junction design: Rules and network effects


Marie Jose Olde Kalter – Dynamics in Mode Choice Behavior


Francesco Walker – To Trust or not to Trust? – Assessment and Calibration of Driver Trust in Automated vehicles


Anika Boelhouwer - Exploring, Developing and Evaluating In-Car HMI to Support Appropriate Use of Automated Cars


Bo Zhang - Taking Back the Wheel: Transition of Control from Automated Cars and Trucks to Manual Driving


Amelia Huang - The influence of positive interventions on cycling


I Gusti Ayu Andani - Toll Roads in Indonesia: Transport System, Accessibility, Spatial and equity impacts


Mariska van Essen - The potential of social routing advice


Sander Veltscholten (PDeng) - Spatial and temporal public transport data visualization: data analysis using a decision support system for alternative public transport services


Ties Brands - Multi-Objective optimisation of multmodal passenger transportation networks


Sander Veenstra (PDeng) -  Monitoring bicyce volumes and flows in Enschede, providing insight in bicycle volumes and flows in the municipality of Enschede for bicycle policy making.


Jaap Vreeswijk - The dynamics of user perception, decision making and route choice


Anthony Ohazulike - Road pricing mechanisms. A game theoretic and multi-level approach. Trail Thesis Series T2014/1.

Malte Risto - Cooperative in-vehicle advice: a study into drivers' ability and willingness to follow tactical driver advice


Luc Wismans - Towards sustainable dynamic traffic management. Trail Thesis Series T2012/4.

Nina Schaap - Driving behavior in unexpected situations. A study into drivers’ compensation behavior to safety-critical situations and the effects of mental workload, event urgency and task prioritization. TRAIL Thesis Series T2012/1.


Thijs Muizelaar - Non-recurrent traffic situations and traffic information. Determining preferences and effects on route choice. TRAIL Thesis Series T2011/16.

Atze Dijkstra. En route to safer roads. How road structure and road classification can affect road safety.

Fei Liu – Context discovery in ad-hoc networks.

Mohamed Kamil Morsi Mahmod - Using co-operative vehicle-infrastructure systems to reduce traffic emissions and improve air quality at signalized urban intersections. TRAIL Thesis Series T2011/1


Cornelie van Driel - Driver support in congestion. An assessment of user needs and impacts on driver and traffic flow. TRAIL Thesis Series T2007/10.

Wendy Weijermars - Analysis of urban traffic patterns using clustering. TRAIL Thesis Series T2007/3.


Mako Makoriwa TRAIL - Performance of traffic networks. A mosaic of measures.

TRAIL Thesis Series T2006/10.

Gio Huisken - Inter-urban short-term traffic congestion prediction. TRAIL Thesis Series 2006/8.

Marianne Vanderschuren - Intelligent Transport Systems in South Africa, impact assessment through microscopic simulation in the South African context, TRAIL Thesis Series T2006/4.


Roland Kager - Design and implementation of a method for the synthesis of travel diary data. TRAIL Thesis Series T2005/11.

Bart Elbers - Development of an indicator for traffic flow stability with application to ramp metering.

Mark Zuidgeest - Sustainable urban transport development: A dynamic optimization approach. TRAIL Series T2005/3.

Frans Tillema - Development of a data driven landuse transport interaction model.


Henny ter Huerne - Compaction of asphalt road pavements. Using finite elements and critical state theory


Mascha van der Voort - Design and evaluation of a new fuel-efficiency support tool


Marc Witbreuk - Het regionale verkeersnetwerk als common pool resource


Mariette Kraan - Time to travel?