Mobility innovations in Twente


Mobility innovations in Twente




Prof. Dr. Ir. K.T. (Karst) Geurs

PhD/PDEng student:

PDEng project Sander Veldscholten – Syntus


Site Sander Veldscholten


The provision of public transport in low-density areas is becoming increasingly problematic as budgets are decreasing, while costs are increasing and its operation is often inefficient (high demand during peak-hours, but very low off-peak). Public transport systems, in particular in low-urbanised areas, will be directed towards more flexible, dynamic and hybrid forms, combining public and private transport and with personalized flexible routes and schedules. The Twente Region already has a tradition with neighbourhood bus associations (buurtbusverenigingen) in Twente in which public transport operators and citizens collaborate in providing mini-bus transport services on fixed routes and timetables. However, this traditional form of neighbourhood-based bus services is also becoming increasingly problematic its operation is often inefficient. At the moment, there is not much knowledge in practice how new mobility services can be an addition or replacement of traditional public transport services. This PDEng project will comprise the design of flexible neighbourhood-based mobility services, and the implementation and evaluation of a pilot of the system in practice.

The project will involve analysis of the spatial-temporal dynamics in mobility supply and demand, using secondary data (e.g., public register data, national travel survey data, OV chipkaart data, WMO data, mobile phone data), the design, development and pilot a specific mobility service to replace a bus line in the Twente Region, and a thorough evaluation of the system, including a before-and-after survey among (potential) users. The PDEng project will integrate knowledge from different disciplines, including transport engineering and planning, data science and social sciences.


Spatial and temporal public transport data visualization: data analysis using a decision support system for alternative public transport services, Veldscholten, S. Sep 2018 Enschede: University of Twente. 68 p.