Multi-objective optimization of traffic systems


The PhD research was part of the project ATMA within

TRANSUMO, and is further funded by Goudappel Coffeng BV




Prof. Dr. Ir. E.C. (Eric) van Berkum

PhD student:

Ir. Luc Wismans


Site Luc Wismans


Traditionally, optimization of traffic systems by extending, improving or influencing the supply of infrastructure focuses on accessibility, given some boundary conditions concerning the external effects (set by law). The past few years, the effects of traffic concerning the environment and traffic safety are of increasing importance when policy decisions are made. The optimization of traffic systems by adding to or improving an existing network is often referred to as the Network Design Problem (NDP). This research is about solving the multi objective Network Design Problem in which minimizing the externalities of road traffic using Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) measures are the objectives. To this end the problem will be formulated as bi-level programming problem, using a Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) model in the lower level to solve for a Dynamic User Equilibrium (DUE). In this research a framework will be created that is able to assess the effects of DTM-measures on externalities based on the results of the DTA model. Furthermore, solution approaches are researched to solve this highly complex multi-objective NDP.