The I-Cave program strives to integrate automated and cooperative driving while maintaining safety, and including human factors in the design process. In i-CAVE a Cooperative Dual Mode Automated Transport (C-DMAT) system is researched and designed, consisting of dual mode vehicles which can be driven automatically and manually to allow maximum flexibility. The uniqueness of i-CAVE is it advances all enabling technologies that are required for safe, efficient, and effective automated and cooperative driving with dual-mode vehicles, while also addressing important human factor aspects. The central point is project 7 (Living lab/demonstrator). This is the joint real-world demonstrator platform which has a crucial role in the utilization of i-CAVE’s research.

I-CAVE takes a unique pragmatic approach, by considering the cooperative and automated dual-mode principle. It is recognized that the ultimate goal is full automation (SAE level 5) but that many societal goals can already be achieved with lower levels of automation. The integrated research lines therefore specially consider vehicle automation technology that can be introduced step-by-step and that allows for seamlessly switching between human-controlled driving and cooperative automated driving, i.e. dual-mode driving, when possible and when wished for.

The program is a collaboration between four Dutch universities, and multiple commercial and municipal parties.

More information on i-Cave can be found on: https://i-cave.nl/

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