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Jacob Kamminga at prime time on Dutch television Smart Birdhouses and Biodiversity

On May 19, 2023, Jacob Kamminga was featured at prime time on Dutch television – “211 caterpillars and 63 spiders: 'smart bird house' must tell what its residents eat”

The first field trials with these 'smart nest boxes' are taking place in an Amsterdam park and on the Veluwe. The houses have a sensor for the opening that detects when the birds fly in, usually with a beak full of food. Exactly at that moment, the camera built into the roof records a video. This happens hundreds of times per day per nest box. This data gives essential insights into the biodiversity of the environment.

Read the story on the NOS site (https://nos.nl/l/2475677) (in Dutch), and watch the video via the youth news: https://jeugdjournaal.nl/artikel/2475695-211-rupsen-en-63-spinnen-dit-vogelhuisje-kan-zien-wat-vogels-eten

Nice work, Jacob!