Accumulation of Man-made-Noise

Project Summary

The research is focussed on finding a model describing the accumulation of Radio Frequency Interference, emmitted by a large number of sources in defined environments like residential. The starting point was an extensive measurement campaign of the radio noise floor, which unveiled a rise of the noise floor in the last decennia, depending on the density of habitation. A study and measurements of the propagation of RFI in residential areas will be included. The central research question is that a statistical relationship can be found between the average emitting power per source, the source density, and the local level of Man-Made Noise floor. Such a relationship would link EMC source limits to environmental noise levels.


  1. Measurement Methology and Results of Measurements of the Man-Made Noise Floor on HF in The Netherlands. T.W.H. Fockens, A.P.M. Zwamborn, F. Leferink. IEEE Transactions on EMC. Accepted paper. The paper shows that Man-Made Noise levels, as given in ITU-R P.372, is an underestimation and the existing knowledge is not valid in current times.
  2. Issues Concerning Radio Noise Floor Measurements using a Portable Measurement Set-up. T.W.H. Fockens, F. Leferink. EMCEurope 2018 Amsterdam. Accepted paper.

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