Project Summary

European Training network Of PhD researchers on Innovative EMI analysis and power Applications

Our modern society becomes highly interconnected where power supply is not only providing energy between many distributed sources and loads but are also a main path of interference, especially in large complex systems, platforms and facilities, where interoperability of the electronic systems has to be achieved. There is an urgent need to train new researchers with a closer interaction of electrical power and power electronics with information technology and communications equipment. The ETOPIA consortium of key academic partners, supported by industry, has been brought together not only to train a sufficient number of qualified researchers but also to provide the fundamental research that underpins future technological developments. The detailed coordinated multidisciplinary multinational doctoral training program will provide the trainee researchers with a complete broad experience and at the same time allow them to develop and eventually lead their focused area of research. The program will focus on the development of novel methods to model, simulate, design, evaluate, measure and monitor. ETOPIA will also develop corrective economical measures for a safe, reliable, efficient and greener electrical power distribution system in and between buildings and vehicles. Specific innovations expected to be achieved through ETOPIA are methodologies to optimize the design of complex electrical/ electronic installations with respect to compatibility and efficiency. Dissemination methods to realize optimal impact will include scientific publications, workshops, training of engineers in industry, and dissemination through newsletters, interviews, social media.  

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