Efficient electric propulsion systems for aircraft

Electrified aircraft propulsion is the use of propulsors (propellers or fans) driven by electric motors to propel aircraft. The technology requires the development or refinement of several components to ensure the electric power for propulsion efficiently while keeping electromagnetic emissions within safety limits.

Envisioned Electrical System Architecture for All-Electric Aircraft. A) Avionics, B) Batteries, C) Converters, D) Electric Motors, E) EWIS.

The EU-funded EASIER project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from different countries who will conduct research on multiple topics related to electric power systems.

In particular, they will investigate filter systems that suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI) and lightweight electrical wiring interconnection systems that limit EMI generation. What is more, they will examine how to improve heat transfer from electrical systems to the aircraft exterior.


Challenges presented by aircraft propulsion requires the development of new airborne technologies that enable expanding the electrification technology trend already impacting other areas, like ground transportation or the autonomous generation/usage of electricity from renewables, to efficient and economical air transportation. Those intended technologies must be capable of producing a highly efficient, lightweight, and compact aircraft electrical system that can supply the electric power for propulsion as well as for other uses while keeping electromagnetic emissions under safe limits compatible with airborne equipment operation and human safety. In addition, they shall control heat up of the system by enhanced thermal dissipation through a proper thermal management system.

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