Joining PE

Doing a Ph.D. in the Power Electronics and EMC Group

We have the possibility to open approximately four new Ph.D. positions per year. These are based on fully funded positions within the framework of a research project, often in collaboration with other groups, universities, or the industry.

We regularly receive open applications for doing a Ph.D. in our group (i.e. not aimed at a particular vacancy). However, please note that starting a new Ph.D. topic in our group is only possible in case you bring in your own funding.

A voice-over video for Power Electronics can be seen below.


  • No vacancies at the moment.

B.Sc./M.Sc. Thesis Project or Other Assignments

If you are attending one of the bachelor or master programs at this university, and are interested in doing a thesis project or other assignment in our group, please have a look at the Assignments section.

If you are interested in studying at our university and doing a thesis project in our group, but you have not yet enrolled in one of our education programs, please have a look at the information for prospective students on our faculty website. Please note that there is no need to contact people in our group for discussing your final thesis project before starting the program.

If you are attending a master program at a different university in a different EU country , but you would like to do your thesis project in our group, please read the information about student exchange. Please note that we do not provide funds for supporting such an exchange.


Unfortunately it is not possible to host internships within our group.

However we do have a lot of contacts with other universities and the industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad. If you are attending an education program at this university and you would like to do an external internship in the field of telecommunications, you are very welcome to come by and discuss.