1. The EEMCS faculty has a multi-member faculty board.

F.L.T.R. Arend Rensink, Grace Iroagalachi, Joost Kok, Jan Eijkel, Stephan Maathuis.

This board encourages an integrated and coordinated approach of managing research, education and operational support.

Members of the faculty board:

prof.dr. Joost Kok
+31 53 4894602
prof.dr. Jan Eijkel
portfolio for research
prof.dr.ir. Arend Rensink
portfolio for education
ir. Stephan Maathuis
portfolio for operations

The portfolio allocation of the Faculty Board can be found in the Portfolio Allocation Model for Faculty Boards.

Chairmen Disciplines 

  • Prof.dr.ir G.J.M. Krijnen (chairman Electrical Engineering)
  • Prof.dr. D.K.J. Heylen (chairman Computer Science)
  • Prof.dr. S.A. van Gils (chairman Applied Mathematics)

Faculty secretariat EEMCS:

B.G.M. Smellink-Kleisman
(support Managing Director, Finance, Business Control, HR, Advisory Committee and Ethics Committee)
tel. +31 53 4894470

J.J.E. Portier
(support Dean, Faculty Council, MT-OLD and MT-EEMCS)
tel. +31 53 4893495