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Actions and recommendations following the DE&I survey

The recent DE&I survey in EEMCS provided us with valuable suggestions, shaping our diversity and inclusion efforts. Employees highlighted areas for improvement including talent recruitment, facilities, education, awareness, and support systems. We appreciate the engagement and encourage continued participation.

Key suggestions include diverse selection committees, open scientific recruitment to ensure equal opportunities, and facility improvements such as all-gender toilets and spaces for religious practices. Recommendations also include enhanced education with inclusive materials and support for disabilities, as well as prioritising DE&I issues in awareness and training.

We have shared these suggestions with relevant stakeholders and asked for a response to share with the faculty. We also used the suggestions to develop an action plan and recommendations for the faculty board.

Moving forward, the EEMCS DE&I team recommends ensuring diverse selection committees, providing training, and formalising DE&I responsibility within the faculty board. Other initiatives include increasing facility awareness, developing inclusive guidelines, and supporting teaching staff.

For more details, please see the attached document.  

Let’s continue working towards a more diverse and inclusive environment together.