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Do you design the bike of the future?

The world of mobility is being digitized, resulting in an intelligent transportation system (ITS). Bicycles can play a significant role in this, and can even become a key pillar of a sustainable, safe and effective mobile society. However, so far they are not fully integrated into the new era, which will bring potential risks due to the shared road infrastructures and unexpected cycling behaviour.

To address this, the Smart Connected Bikes Research and Innovation program organises a competition on making bikes smarter by leveraging the digital technologies. The participants can use real-time data collection, wireless communication and data analytics to make cycling safer, more comfortable, and healthier.

How does it work?

  • Stages of the competition

    The competition is team-based and consists of 4 stages:

    • Team registration before 3.11.2021
      You need to form a team of 3-5 members, who can be bachelor, master, PhD students or researchers worldwide. Together you need to submit a short proposal, including participants, the short idea and budget requirements with max. 200 words to the committee.

    • Team selection before 10.11.2021
      The committee will select max. 6 qualified teams and announce the participants by email and update on the website.

    • System design until 14.12.2021
      The selected participants can order the required material and work on the system design for approx. 5 weeks with their own bikes. They need to declare the cost with receipts and send a research poster to the committee before 14.12. 2021.

    • 3-days Hackathon between 15.12.2021 and 17.12.2021
      In the first 2 days, the participants can assemble their designed system to the new provided bike and evaluate the performance. On day 3, each team will give a presentation; the committee and the audience can test the system and vote for the winning teams.
  • Financial support

    The committee provides the following financial support for the participants:

    • Covering the material costs (max. 1k€) on designing the smart bikes, e.g., multimodal sensors (cameras, radars, lidars, ultrasonic, etc.), embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Arduino, or FPGA boards), batteries, etc.
    • Covering the travelling (max. €100 p.p.), accommodation (max. €100 p.p.p.n.), consumables and catering costs for attending the 3-days hackathon.

    Subject to:

    • All purchased devices remain the property of UT.
    • The participants agree that all relevant codes and datasets will be open access.


Participants are having the chance to win great prizes. The team with the best system design will win a bike shop voucher of €250. Even the best failure won't go home empty-handed!

Sign up

If you want to participate in the competition, make sure you register your team before the 3rd of November. Make sure that you submit a short proposal, the short idea and budget requirements.


If you have any questions about the competition. Please contact dr. Yanqiu Huang. Y. Huang (Yanqiu)
Assistant Professor

More info

This competition is being organised by the UTwente, TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, with the finical support from 4TU.NIRICT.

The SCB-program aims to design, develop and test a smart cycling ecosystem. The program is a collaboration between the University of Twente, Accell Group, TNO, Delft University of Technology and Saxion University of Applied Science.

More information about the program can be found on the SCB-website.

  • Dr. Yanqiu Huang, Assistant professor, University of Twente, Personal page
  • Prof.dr. Paul Havinga, Full professor, University of Twente, Personal page
  • Prof.dr. Karst Geurs, Full professor, University of Twente, Personal page
  • Dr. Frauke Behrendt, Associate professor, TU Eindhoven, Personal page
  • Prof.dr. Marieke Martens, Full professor, TU Eindhoven, Personal page
    Dr. Jason Moore, Assistant professor, TU Delft, Personal page
  • Dr. Jacky Bourgeois, Assistant professor, TU Delft, Personal page  
    Prof.dr. Gerd Kortuem, Full professor, TU Delft, Personal page