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5 new UTQ’s awarded to staff of EEMCS

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EENMCS), we value teacher development highly. We proudly report that Khiet Truong, Ferdi van der Heijden, Ansgar Fehnker, Jamy Li and Marco Gerards received their UTQ certificate.

These five lecturers were commended by the portfolio holder of education, Stephan van Gils, for their successful completion of the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ). It proves their capabilities in: (a) designing teaching, (b) implementing teaching and supervising students, (c) testing and assessing, (d) evaluating teaching and (e) professionalisation. We had an online UTQ ceremony for the first time ever in our faculty. Unfortunately, we could not serve a lunch and present these lecturers flowers during the ceremony, but everybody received flowers on the Saturday before the ceremony took place. And the certificates were sent by email. Congratulations to everyone!

Although everything went well, we hope to organise a festive UTQ occasion on campus for lecturers who are currently working on their UTQ. Would you like to know more about the University Teaching Qualification? Please visit the university website.

Awarderd lecturers
Ansgar Fehnker
Ferdi van der Heijden
Jamy Li
Khiet Truong
Marco Gerards

Teacher development initiatives

Other teacher development initiatives at the faculty include:
UTeachers’ Academy, a network of EEMCS teachers who are challenged to become excellent teachers and to inspire fellow colleagues along the way. Teachers in the network are explicitly given the opportunity to carry out pilot projects, to develop the best practical work methods, to learn from the new experiments and/or teaching methods, and to communicate and discuss the results with others, thus inspiring colleagues within the faculty. The ultimate goal is to bring the quality of education at EEMCS to an even higher level. 

SUTQ is intended for experienced teachers, after finishing their UTQ, as a continuation of teacher development. Lecturers participating are involved in a project to improve and innovate (the own) educational practice.

Professor 2 with focus on education: educational qualifications included in the career perspectives of academic staff.