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First fellow at UT is VDL system architect

Jaap Brand (41), working at VDL Group, has been appointed fellow of the Precision Engineering Studies chair held by professor Dannis Brouwer (Faculty of Engineering Technology) at the University of Twente (UT). He is the first official fellow starting at the UT. Brand is going to research Design Principles for accurate positioning and movement. Design Principles is a methodology that indicates the best way to realise a certain problem, or a certain design, with respect to precision. The high-tech system industry, VDL ETG in particular, owes its success to it.

Dannis Brouwer: “It is important to further develop the Design Principles, so we can hold on to and further develop the leading position in mechatronics that we have in the Netherlands.”


Together with PhD students, PDEngs and graduates, Brand will continue to try making this methodology into science. In addition, he is going to reinforce the wider cooperation between the University of Twente and VDL Group. Both parties expressed their intention to eventually establish strategic cooperation. Brand will initially work half a day per week at the university. 

As system architect at VDL ETC Technology & Development in Almelo, Brand’s usual work includes the development of new machines for VDL customers. Furthermore, he is working at further developing the competencies of vacuum technology.

We are confident that, in close collaboration with the University of Twente, we can push the boundariesJaap Brand VDL ETG Technology & Development

Jaap Brand: “Various activities of VDL reach the edges of the impossible. We are confident that, in close collaboration with the University of Twente, we can push the boundaries. In addition, we would like to improve the translation from science into industry so we can work with the emerging social challenges.”

Brand has been working for VDL ETG since 2011. Over the past years, he strengthened his ties with the University of Twente and supervised several students. With Brand’s fellowship, VDL also reinforces the company’s visibility, active in the high-grade manufacturing industry, at the University of Twente.


Mirjam Bult: Vice President UT CvB
Geert Dewulf: Dean Faculty Engineering Technology
Hans Evers: Operations Manager VDL ETG Hengelo Technology & Development
Sander Verschoor, Managing Director VDL ETG Almelo
Gerjan Veldhuis: Operations Manager VDL ETG Almelo Technology & Development
Geert Jakobs, Managing Director VDL ETG Technology & Development
Jaap Brand (fellow), System Architect
Dannis Brouwer, UT Professor Precision Engineering
Victor van der Chijs: Voorzitter UT CvB
Pieter Telleman, Business director MESA+ (UT) a.i.
Janneke Hoedemaekers: Business director MESA+ and Nanolab (UT)
Aernout Kistemaker: System Engineer VDL

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