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PhD and Postdoc positions on Logic-based Agents, Conversational AI and Knowledge Graphs

Digital information technology is increasingly interwoven with our society and individuals' daily lives. On one hand, a tremendous amount of data becomes available in machine-interoperable formats while how humans can intuitively access and learn from such large scale knowledge is becoming an urgent question. On the other hand, with these digital technologies tracking and influencing our everyday behaviour, they need to align with the user’s needs and values to become truly extensions of our “selves”.

Addressing these challenges requires both research on how to shape knowledge-centered human-machine conversations and meaning-making in an engaging and intuitive manner, as well as fundamental research regarding the formal specification and run-time revision of knowledge structures for modelling users’ norms and values in a personal agent.

We have fully funded positions available on the topics described in more detail below.

Conversational access of large scale knowledge graphs:
The aim is to investigate conversational AI technologies to achieve a meaningful, engaging and enjoyable interaction between individual persons and large scale knowledge graphs. This includes selecting and packaging relevant information into narratives, choosing suitable strategies to convey knowledge. Such interaction needs to take into account the individuals' cognitive and information processing capabilities as well as their personal norms and values.

Knowledge representation & reasoning for value-aligned personal agents:
The aim is to develop formal knowledge representation and reasoning techniques that allow a personal agent to model the user’s (inter)personal norms, habits and underlying values, and revise these “personal knowledge structures” at run-time based on user input. Questions that can be addressed are for example: How to model temporal aspects of daily routines? Which types of update operations on personal knowledge structures are required? Is a new norm in conflict with existing desired behaviours? Can belief revision techniques be adapted for run-time norm revision? With this we lay the foundations for flexible and value-aligned personal agents that give people agency over their lives with digital technology.

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