The Data2Game project investigates how, and to what extent, the efficacy of computerised training games can be enhanced by tailoring the training scenarios to the individual player. It is a joint project between the Universities of Twente and Tilburg, in collaboration with serious-game developers at Thales/HBA-Lab and with Veiligheidsregio Twente for the purpose of enhancing the training efficacy of members of a crisis management team.

The research is aimed at achieving three concrete research innovations:

  • Techniques for the automated generation of in-game narratives that are tailored to the learning needs of the individual player
  • Techniques for the automated modelling of players’ cognitive and affective states, based on in-game data and exhibited social signals, such that the training scenarios can be tailored to the individual player
  • Validated studies on the relation of the player behaviour and game properties to learning performance.

To achieve these innovations the project combines expertise in three disciplines: language technology (specifically: text generation), artificial intelligence (specifically: player modelling and personalisation techniques), and science of teaching (specifically: game based learning and skills assessment).

Contact information
Dr. M. Theune (Mariët Theune)
+31 (0)53 489 3817

For more information, please visit the official Data2Game project website.