Sara Falcone


I was born and raised in Napoli. I followed the bachelor in Language and Linguistics at the University of Napoli Federico II. During my bachelor, I had an Erasmus+ experience in Paris, at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle. After my graduation in October 2016, I did an internship of one year in a laboratory of NLP and Robotics where I worked on different projects, mostly on spoken dialogue systems. I moved to Rovereto in 2017 to follow the Master in Cognitive Science, with a track in Human-Machine Interaction at the University of Trento. During my Master I did an internship at the FBK research center in the context of the methodology to evaluate a dialogue system. In July 2019 I graduated. My Master’s Thesis is called “The Embodiment Game: a Methodology to study the effect of Embodiment in Human-Machine Interaction". In September 2019 I started as a PhD student at the University of Twente on the project Avatar-XPrize. I am interested in human-machine interaction, user studies and evaluations, multiparty and multimodal dialogue systems, and teleoperation.


In September 2019 I started as a PhD student on the project Avatar-XPrize. It is a global competition focused on the development of an Avatar system that will transport a human's sense, actions and presence to a remote location in real time. In the project I am working on the embodiment illusion, namely I study how to improve the ownership, agency and self-location of the user controller.


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