HMI group


I was born and raised in Arnhem. After finishing secondary school I moved to Enschede to follow the bachelor computer science and the Master Human Media Interaction at the University of Twente. During my Master I did an internship at the Telematica Instituut in the context of the eXtended Home, eXtended Life project. In 2009 I started to graduate on the project at NOVAY and in cooperation with Roessignh Research and Development and the MST hospital in Enschede. In December 2009 I finished my Master’s Thesis called “COPD home interaction device” In March 2010 I started as a PhD student at the University of Twente on the European project SmarcoS. I am interested in human computer interaction, user studies and evaluations, and mobile user interfaces.


In March 2010 I started as a PhD student on the European project Smarcos. In the project I am working on a personal attentive system with various European partners, such as Philips, Intecs, HIG and Evalan. This multi-device coaching system should motivate and support the user to live a healthier life and (finally) change their lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is important and can prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes type II and obesity.

In my research I am interested in the effect of presenting feedback by means of different feedback modalities on the effectiveness and the overall user experience of the coaching program. During long-term user evaluations I will study the effects of presenting feedback by means of text messages or feedback presented by an embodied conversational agent. As part of this research an android implementation of the Elckerlyc system has been developed.