Maartje Hendriks


Maartje Hendriks is a PhD student at the Human Media Interaction group at the university of Twente.

Maartje obtained a BSc degree in Psychology (Radboud University, 2016), focusing on behavior and the human brain. She received her MSc degree in Communication and Information Sciences (Tilburg University, 2019) with a focus on Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Interested in psychology and technology, especially in the field of healthcare, she started her PhD at HMI in 2020. Supervised by prof. dr. D.K.J. Heylen and dr. R. Klaassen, she joined the project of the eCG Family Clinic – an informative online platform to increase the detection and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. During her PhD, Maartje’s main objectives lie in researching, designing, and implementing chatbots and embodied conversational agents to assist genetic counseling.