Roelof de Vries

Hi! I’m Roelof (Anne Jelle) de Vries! Born in Amsterdam at May 21, 1985! I have a BSc in Artificial Intelligence, and an MSc in Information Sciences - Track Human Centered Multimedia (with honor), both from the University of Amsterdam. 

Also, as of May 1, 2013, I am a PhD student at the University of Twente in the research group Human Media Interaction. I work for the COMMIT project (currently) called: Sensor Based Engagement for Improved Health. In this project I mainly focus on the second work package called: Intervention Strategies for User Interaction.

More concretely, my research is about designing motivational agent behaviors to encourage physical activity that can be used in a smartphone application targeting users with any physical activity level. This means the design of these behaviors needs to be global and broad, but also tailored to a specific user. Therefore, the research aims to combine an overall framework of behavior change (the Transtheoretical Model) while tailoring to specific user characteristics (the Five Factor Model of Personality).