Jaebok Kim

I am working in the field of social signal processing within the context of EU funded projects including the SQUIRREL and the TERESA at Human Media Interaction department at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Currently, I am interested in automatic speech emotion recognition, social engagement detection, and speaker adaptation using machine learning techniques.

I majored in Computer Science (B.Sc., 2009, Seoul, Korea) and studied automatic speech recognition and speech emotion recognition during my master’s program in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (M.Sc., 2011, Daejon, Korea). Since then, I worked as a research engineer in LG Electronics Advanced Research Institute (2011-2014, Seoul, Korea). During this time, I researched and developed a prototype of multi-modal interfaces using distant speech recognition and gesture recognition technologies. In addition, I was involved in research and development of a natural language processing engine including named entity extraction, intention classification, and question & answering.