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Pilotprojekt Kita Haren

In Haren in Emsland, Germany, the University is involved in a pilot project together with grid operator RWE. This pilot is used to show the possibilities of smart grid control within a neighbourhood. In the Marienkindergarten a smart energy controller is installed to control the various devices inside the kindergarden. These devices include a photovoltaic installation on the roof, a heat pump and a large battery system.

The smart home controller inside the kindergarden is capable of ensuring the energy produced by the photovoltaic is used in an optimal way. An example is that the system can switch of the washing machine around noon, since a lot of energy is then required for the preparation of lunch. This demand can then be satisfied by the solar-energy together with energy inside the battery system.

There is a promotional video from RWE which can be found here (in German).