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ORTEP: Open Real Time Development Platform for Smart Grids


Results of the stress-test in Lochem (IPIN project IN4Energy) has shown that, in future scenarios excessive loads from households and electrical vehicles may lead to a power outage as the total power consumption exceeds the fuse ratings of the low voltage network (the network is not designed for this excessive demand).

This project aims at creating a development platform for soft-real time control applications. This platform will give 3rd party application developers the opportunity to develop (real-time) energy management applications that can utilise the maximum grid capacity without risking an outage. The platform is intended to an open platform to stimulate 3rd party application development.

In this project an open Real-Time development platform (ORTEP) will be developed in which 3rd party development is stimulated. Data from energy management systems and real time measurement data from substation automation systems will provide the required information needed to control, plan and manage excessive loads in distribution grids.

A public report (Dutch) of the project achievements can be downloaded here.