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HEGRID: Hybrid energy grid management

Research project

Funding: CTIT  
Duration: 2015-01-01 ~ 2016-01-01
Contacts: Hermen Toersche
Staff: Johann Hurink, and Hermen Toersche
Collaborations: Siemens AG, TNO, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twenten, and CWI 


Hybrid Energy Grid Management (HEGRID) focuses on realizing a prototype multi-commodity (electricity, gas and thermal energy) energy management framework. This framework enables interoperability of a variety of energy management approaches and devices. The basis of HEGRID will be formed by the Open Energy Management Framework: an operational platform that supports multiple smart grid approaches for the electric grid. This base platform will be extended to support gas and thermal grids as well. It will also feature a coordination mechanism that can make intelligent decisions across commodities (e.g. how to make the best use of a CHP that uses gas to produce heat and electricity). Multi-commodity energy management is largely unexplored territory, but is an important step to increase the efficiency, flexibility and stability of the combined grids. The project addresses essential challenges posed by the "Energy transition" to incorporate more energy generated from renewable sources.